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    Is portable DVD players any good? 

    I'm not sure. I bought one for my kids to take on their holiday, but it turned out to be rubbish. The Children's portable DVD players  that I got for them was very portable and easy to use. It had a handle attached that meant you could carry it around easily. You can watch films or listen to music without any problems because the portable DVD player has both options available.

    The portable DVD player also came with rechargeable batteries! That was an unexpected bonus! Just plug in the Children's portable DVD players once every 4-5 days (this depends on how long you use it for). It's great because there is no need to have spare batteries lying around, taking up space in your house!

    How do I play videos on my portable DVD player?

    I have a portable DVD player. I can't play videos.

    It's pretty easy... But first, you must connect it to your television if you haven't already... Now, back to the portable DVD player... If you want to put in a videotape or something, you need to adjust your Children's portable DVD players so that the screen reads VIDEO.. next, turn on your portable DVD player and TV at the same time....then switch them both to VCR/DVD mode....and there ya go!


    Putting children in charge of their own screen time is a great way to promote independent learning. The portable DVD player for kids will help your child learn all about electronics while you have peace of mind knowing they are safe and happy playing with the toy. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, please contact us today! We can put together an order that includes not only the TV but also some fun accessories so your little one gets everything he or she needs to enjoy hours of entertainment. 

    For further information visit our official website jojoreviews

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