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Welcome to Livstudio in Chandigarh, where we're all about bringing your spaces to life. Our passion lies in creating designs that mix modern styles with timeless beauty. Whether it's a cozy home or a bustling office, we specialize in making your vision a stunning reality. We love reimagining traditional designs, infusing them with a contemporary touch. Join us as we blend art and practicality, making every room special. Step into a world where your ideas turn into beautifully designed spaces.

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  • Everything You Need to Know About Budget-Friendly Interior Design

    Adding the Wove touch to your house brings usefulness and aesthetic appeal together. We use cutting-edge technology to give your house a faultless appearance that will last for a very long period.


    Examine your choices:


    Chic, reasonably priced modular options for stylish kitchens, closets, and storage. Upgrade your house with premium components, effective production, original interior design, and comprehensive installation.


    Our service partners and award-winning designers can provide modern interior design and complete home renovations. When you book your new home's interiors with Vesta, you can leave the rest to our exceptional project management and design vision.

    Our modular solutions' magic:

    We offer modular quality for you, regardless of your choice—Select or Vesta. Behind the scenes, our team is always improving the technologies to improve your overall interior design experience. Check out our cutting-edge technology.

    Cabinets with DuraBuild Technology have never looked better or been more robust! The DuraBuild Cabinets are the result of precision engineering, a 4-sigma process with a 99.9% build accuracy, and the use of cutting-edge connector mechanisms for stronger components. 


    Anti-Bubble Mechanism


    Bubbles belong in the park on a sunny afternoon, not in the panels of your home decor. Thankfully, AntiBubble Technology guarantees an incredibly smooth, bubble-free surface on all interior panels in your home.

    AquaBloc Technology

    The inner architecture of AquaBloc Technology is resistant to submersion. For this reason, the AquaBloc Technology keeps moisture from destroying the quality of your interior design, allowing you to live in your ideal home for a very long period.

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