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  • Why us?

    Serious students should register with us in the Academy for many reasons, some of them, but not all of them

    1. Because we provide real science through a specialized elite of skilled science owners, and we do not present just superficial subjects which does not benefit the student.
    2.  Because we are keen to continue the path, so we are working to bring out a generation of teachers and scholars, not just educating students throughout their lives, so we aim to bring out a generation of distinguished teachers as well.
    3. Because we communicate with our students well throughout the day to solve educational problems, and considering students’ life conditions around the world.
    4. Because we are a management with long experience of 13 years of teachers, administrators and engineers
    5. Because we will help you wherever you are to overcome learning difficulties by providing the appropriate program and the appropriate teacher and changing what is needed to reach the goal.
    6. Because we do not seek money first, we offer the best specialized teachers at low prices, so money is not the goal, but rather something on the way.
    7. Because we spread knowledge to Muslims and non-Muslims, asking Allah Almighty to accept our deeds on the Day of Resurrection.
    8. Because we seek to make distance learning an easy and effective way to advance students’ level without the need to leave their places.
    9. Because we always seek to exchange experiences with other centers, and we support the junior educational centers to provide the required educational services without taking any compensation from them.
    10. Because we seek to help real students of science who are unable to pay this low price by offering appropriate discounts so that they continue to seek knowledge

    For all these reasons and more, we are at the service of spreading science

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    • About Us

      • Arabic window is a specialized academy in learning Arabic languageQuran and Islamic studies.
      • we provide One-on-one or group sessions with experts via Skype or zoom that are suitable for all
      • Our objective is to teach the students the Arabic languageQuran and Islamic studies in a simplified manner with highly specialized and experienced instructors.
      • These Courses present via Zoom or Skype or direct links and allows the student to connect with the instructor through video conference. Every student may choose to learn privately or with a group.
      • The Headquarters of the academy is located in the Arab Republic of Egypt. We provide our services with low prices to make it available to everyone.
      • we usually reply to your message within 24 hours.

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        The opportunity to learn the holy Quran in a simple way:

        Through our academy, you can master the holy Quran in a short period and obtain ijazah (a license) with an excellent selection of teachers who have university degrees or ijazah with a link that goes back to the Messenger “may Allah bless him and grant him peace”. The advantages of our teachers is not only the certificates, but also the experience and proficiency are the two factors that are found in all the Quran teachers at Arabic Window Academy and we sincerely seek to serve the students around the world in learning the most important and honorable book in existence. And the goal is not only material gain, we also try to correct our intention and the intention of our teachers, so that our work is purely for the sake of Allah.

        The holy Quran is the words of Allah that He revealed to Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessings be upon Him). It is the secret of success and prosperity for all humankind in this world.

        Every Muslim has to recite the Quran correctly .Allah addressed His Messenger Muhammad (Peace and Blessings be upon Him) Saying: “…And recite the Quran with measured recitation.” (Holy Quran 25:32).

        We provide the best Learning the Quran course via Zoom, Skype or direct links with specialized instructors in the Quranic articulation points (Tajweed), memorization and Recitation.

        The Quran online memorization courses will help you to recite and beautify your voice while reading the Holy Quran. 
        We offer you the possibility to obtain an Ijazahthrough voice or video methods in a simplified manner.

        By learning  Quran with tajweed with us ,you will be able to recite the Quran and understand it by learning the Quranic Articulation points (Tajweed).

        The quran karim course we offer is suitable for  all levels .

        The Quran Karim course we offer is suitable for all levels.

        The student can choose from a group of books of Quranic recitation which appropriate to his / her level, such as the book of Fath Al-Rahman Fi Ta’leem Kalemat Al-Rahman or the pictured Quranic recitation book or the book of Al-Burhan or any other book that suits his / her level.

        Books we use:

        Taysir Al-rahman Fi Tajweed Al-Quran: by Dr. Suad Abdul Hamid :

        this book uses  the narration of Hafs, which is used to recite Quran, with the ease of style, the expression and clarity of the wordsit has many examples that makes it easy for the student to understand Tajweed  faster.

        At-Tajweed Al-Musawwar: by Dr. Ayman Sweed

        This is one of the most useful books in teaching Tajweed . It is a detailed book of the rules and has many benefits that a student can be improved clearly after studying it. This book is preferred for intermediate and advanced levels.

        Al-basit Fi Ilm At-Tajweed: by Sheikh Badr Hanafi: this book explains the rules in a simplified and clear way. It is used for only beginners and middle level.

        This book is characterized by a gradual explanation of the rules through examples.

        Tajweed Rules of The Quran: by Karima Carol Ekin: It is an outstanding book to explain the rules of Tajweed in English to suit the Muslims who speak English around the world.
        It is using an easy way in explaining the rules through many examples, that makes it easy for all student to comprehend.

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          The opportunity to learn Arabic language online easily

          The Arabic language courses at our Academy Arabic Window, are a great and serious opportunity for those who want to learn Arabic online with professional teachers, specialists and experience directly from Egypt, and not only this, but you can also obtain a certificate from our academy.

          We qualify you to become a teacher in the future,

          Learning the Arabic language with our teachers gives you a direct contact with an authentic Arab teacher who has studied an academic study in one of the Egyptian universities and has the experience and the certificate to be able to improve your Arabic language in a short time in terms of reading, writing, speaking and listening, so we train you on the basic skills to learn Arabic individually or in groups according to your choices as well as choosing the appropriate curricula for all ages and different groups, so each student has his own syllabus that suits him. you will really feel the difference with us on the ground with a very reasonable prices and not just an advertisement

          • We can help you Learn Arabic language via Zoom or Skype or direct links in a simplified and effective manner.
          • We have a qualified and experienced tutors in all fields.
          • The lessons we provide are suitable for all stages.
          • You will get a certificate After the completion of each level.
          • We will help you learn and master the classical Arabic (Quranic Arabic), Commercial and Business Arabic.
          • Learn a Slang EgyptianArabic words and phrases and speak like an Egyptian.



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