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Recommendations For Writing A Review


A positive and high-quality review is the result of following six rules. They are also the stages of document preparation:

  1. Description of the relevance of the topic of the term paper. In three sentences, strictly observing the scientific style, the essence of the chosen topic is argued, ways of solving such problems are indicated.
  2. Revealing the goal. In this section, the author of the review processes the key research objective in terms of its compliance with the initially specified setting. Such a formulation, which is complex in terms of description, fits into 2-3 sentences.
  3. Elaboration of the structure.
  4. The review briefly describes all the structural elements of the term paper, indicates their total number and figures separately for each item.
  5. Lists the strengths and weaknesses of the work.
  6. Drawing up an overall assessment. This is a verdict so to speak. Final "yes or no" (whether it is allowed to defend or not).


The review is not only the content, but also the design. Standards are also provided for its compilation. In terms of font, size, spacing, the requirements are identical to the term paper itself. This means that you can order it on write my papers very quickly. Special instructions can be formulated in guidelines. Three main rules for writing a review: 1) absolute literacy and adherence to the scientific style; 2) uniqueness; 3) the most specific information and accessibility of the presentation.


Who Can Become a Reviewer?


Reviewers theses - the specialists with higher education that corresponds to the topic of the thesis. They can be practitioners or representatives of the scientific community which assist you in editing my paper for a payment. An additional bonus is the availability of a candidate or doctor of science degree. This is a significant advantage when choosing a reviewer.

The commission will take a review seriously if its author:

  • has an academic degree. You can also use a book report cheat website if you lack required expertise.;
  • shows impartiality;
  • approaches the assessment objectively;
  • has an impeccable academic reputation or uses a writer that has it;
  • is the head of an enterprise, institution, organization in which the student underwent pre-term paper practice.


It is forbidden to involve as a reviewer the staff of the department, to which the student's supervisor is assigned, as well as persons from the circle of his colleagues or colleagues of the author of the term paper.

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