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All Mumbai escorts Enjoy a certain level of personal hygiene and it is extremely high for them. You will only get top quality and classy escort Girls in Juhu Bandra dolls. So unless you are hygienic enough you cannot Book these girls. Take a relaxing bath before the meeting. Come with proper shaving or Trimming of your body hair, toe- and fingernails so that you look Sober and avoid scratching during the intense lovemaking sessions. If You smell bad our girls have the right to service the session. If You want oral services, then do not use deodorants or perfumes in Those areas. Keep in mind that you are visiting a high society escort Babe and it is their profession. So behave with full respect and Politeness with the VIP escorts in Mumbai. Our safety and security measures Safety and security are an integral and essential part of the escort Business. Your personal information is always safe with us and we will Delete it after the end of the session. So we need to take your Details every time you opt for our service even for the old customers. Our agency policy relies on a strict selection of both the Mumbai Call girls and the clients. Mutual trust and respect are the basis for Long-term customer relationships that we attach great service to. All your electronic payments are secured.

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